Fan Community Open Announcement

Dear fans,

Thank you for your continued support to Park Yu Chun and we are excited to announce opening “Fan Community” for BLUE CIELO to communicate each other with Park Yu Chun.

Please make a reference on how to use the community below.

1) Community Category

1. From YU CHUN
YU CHUN’s message to the fans will appear here.

2. Dear YU CHUN
Fans can write your message to YU CHUN

3. YU CHUN’s favorite
YU CHUN shares his favorites and interact with fans

4. YU CHUN’s Trace
Fans share their topics about YU CHUN’s past traces including his works, memorable places, films or anything.

2) Functions

You can go to the fan community by clicking side menu bar and click fan community button after login.


A: Fan Community Category. You can click to move to the category page by clicking it.

B: The latest updates. 

C: Fan Community statistics.



A: Write in the category



A: Subject

B: Content

C: Attachment

D: Subscribe the topic to get notifications.

E: Cancel the writing

F: Post the article



A: Delete the topic and all replies.

B: Write reply


3) General Rules

In order to create a great fan community, we’d like to ask you to show respects to others as we are all supporters of Park Yu Chun from all around the globe. Please do not make comments or post that hurt others feelings. These types of comments will be deleted without notice and can be banned from the community without a notice. The followings are examples of banned post.

1. Comments or contents that can hurt someone or artist’s feeling

2. Any commercial contents not related to Park Yu Chun

3. Repeated comments or articles

Let’s make a pleasant and great community with caring mind to the artist and others fans!




Online Fan Meeting Information

Dear BLUE CIELO fans, this is the official fan site of PARK YU CHUN

Thank you so much to all the fans who support PARK YU CHUN
The upcoming June 4th is PARK YU CHUN’s birthday. To celebrate PARK YU CHUN’s birthday together and to communicate with BLUE CIELO fans, we invite you to his online fan meeting, Happy Birthday YU CHUN with Blue Cielo!

Happy Birthday YU CHUN with Blue Cielo!

[Invitation] BLUE CIELO Member Only
[Date] 2020-06-04 7:00 PM (Seoul Time)
[Link and Participation Method] TBA

There will be questions and answers from fans at this online fan meeting. Prior to the fan meeting, BLUE CIELO fans can participate and submit questions to PARK YU CHUN in advance, and PARK YU CHUN will answer your questions through a raffle at the fan meeting and give a small gift to the selected fans. We will send you a form to leave your questions via email and please refrain from sharing them with the outside as it is only for BLUE CIELO members.
[Questions to be submitted] May 22, 2020 to May 26, 2020

I hope to celebrate PARK YU CHUN’s birthday and future activities with many BLUE CIELO members. Please come and join us!

Guides for changing member information

Hello, this is Park Yoochun’s official fan site, BLUE CIELO.

At 6 p.m. today, BLUE CIELO opened with a lot of love and supports from fans.
Currently, through 1:1 inquiries, there are many inquiries about how to modify names.


It is not possible to change the names after the sign up, but there are many people who are confused first and last names,
so we modified to change the names from the account information on My Page from today until 6 p.m. on April 27th.


Thank you.

Regarding unauthorized usage of contents in this website.

This is Park Yu Chun’s official fan site, BLUE CIELO.


Images and videos in this site are legally protected by copyright and portrait rights regardless of whether they are paid or not.

Unauthorized reproduction, reprocessing, and dissemination without permission are strictly prohibited, and in case of violation, according to the terms and conditions of the site, fan may be subject to loose the membership and may also be subject to civil and criminal legal responsibility. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Signup Process Guide

Dear fans!

Thank you for visiting Park Yu Chun’s official fan club BLUE CIELO.

We really appreciate your love and support for Park Yu Chun.
Here is a guide for sign up process for your reference.



① Click SIGN UP on the upper right hand corner.

② Please fill out all the necessary information on the signup form and review and agree to all terms of services and privacy policy.

③ Please check the benefit, membership fee and proceed to checkout via Paypal.



Park Yu Chun Official Fan Site BLUE CIELO open!

Dear fans,

Park Yu Chun Official Fan Site BLUE CIELO has opened at 6:00PM (Seoul Time) April 20th, 2020.

On the official fan site, you can check out various news and updates about Park Yu Chun, official merchandise shop,
and exclusive contents for the paid members. We are looking forward to having you here in BLUE CIELO to support Park Yu Chun.

Thank you!


Park Yu Chun Photo Book Release [SOMEDAY]

‘Waiting’, the flower term of the sunflower symbolizing Park Yu Chun. There are various ‘waiting’ in the world. Someday waiting for someone you love can be a joy,
and someone can feel yearning at someday. Many emotions and feelings coexist in the world ‘Waiting’.
The Photobook 《SOMEDAY》 captures vaious emotions contained in the word “Waiting” in Park Yu Chun unique style.

《SOMEDAY》, a photo book by Park Yu Chun, has been published in Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, and other parts of the world.
Feel his charm through a 160-page color photo shoot, shor letters written by Park Yu Chun himself.

[Sales Schedule]

Pre-sales Date: 26 March 2020 (Thu) ~ May 14, 2020 (Thu)

Price: $75

Size: 210*330mm

Number of pages: 160

Pre-sale booking site: (*requires membership)

Photo book release date: During June 2020 (*Detailed schedule will be announced later)

Release Event: Signing event will be held through a raffle for 1,000 photo book buyers

Date of event: June 2020 (*Detailed schedule will be announced later)

(We’ll mail you an autographed copy if you can’t participate in the event. /Customer will be charged for shipping and handling.)

Configuration: Postcard sets, Bookmarks, and Making DVDs (*Configuration may vary in some cases.)