Term of Service

Section 1. General Rules (English version of Terms of service is not binding, it is reference only. Some terms may apply in South Korea)


Article 1. Purpose

  1. Park Yu Chun official fan club (hereinafter “the fanclub”)is endorsed and authorized by the artist, Park Yu Chun and his official agency and operated by Artistbay Inc.(hereinafter, “the company”) This terms of service set rules for the service provide from the fan club and uses of fan club members(hereinafter “members”)


Article 2. Effects and Changes of terms

  1. The company can change this term of service at anytime with a notice of its choice and members agree to this.
  2. If any other person than the user agrees to this terms of service when sign up, the company considers the user agreed to this terms of service and let the user proceed the registration.


Article 3. Notice and Consent

  1. The notice will be delivered to members by mail, email or announcement on the website(http://parkyuchun.com) with company’s choice.
  2. Our email will be sent to the email address registered in the system that the members registered and the company is not responsible for any wrong delivery due to the wrong information. 
  3. This terms of service includes members’ responsibilities and rights and the company consider all members agreed by finishing sign-up process


Section 2. User agreement of the fan club


Article 4. Members

  1. Members means the users who were accepted by the fan club and finished registration of the fan club with consent to this terms of service and paid off the membership fees. The fan club can reject users application for the fan club.
  2. The fan club can reject the application include but not limited to;
  1. The information provided during the sign up process is false or errors.
  2. Users who don’t agree to the terms of service
  3. Users with different purpose to join the fan club (not supporting artist or commercial purpose)
  4. Users who have history of disqualification of the fan club from misbehaviors or any wrongdoing
  5. Users who might cause problems to the artist or other members


Article 5. Members’ benefit

  1. The members are entitled to get the following benefits.
  1. Access to the members’ only contents
  2. Getting notice for ticket pre-sales of artist events(Only if the event organizer agrees to offer and there might be lottery for the ticket allocation depends on the event)
  3. Access to fan club pre-sale(Only if there is an event and the organizer agrees to offer this right to the members. There might be lottery for the ticket allocation depends on the event)
  4. Access to the fan club members only event(Only if there is an event and the organizer agrees to offer this right to the members. There might be lottery for the ticket allocation depends on the event)
  1. The fan club is not responsible for any members who didn’t received the benefits or quality of the benefit mentioned here due to the members’ internet access problem or not getting the notice. 
  2. The fan club can change its terms of service any time including but not limited to the service and benefits without notice. After 7 days of the notice of change, the members are considered to agree the new terms.



Article 6. Membership fee and terms


  1. The membership fee shall be paid in full on the website while sign up process and there are some contents to be purchased separately.
  1. Annual Fee: $60 USD(VAT. Included)
  1. The membership period is one year from the date of membership fee paid and membership will be expired if members don’t renew by paying the annual membership fee.
  2. If members want to cancel the membership, members have to request it to the fan club via request form in the fan club. However, the refund will not be provided with any reason.
  3. Disqualified members according to the terms of service will not be provided the refund of any kind.


Section 3. Responsibilities


Article 7. The company’s responsibilities

  1. The company do its best to operate the fan club with good faith
  2. The company will use members’ personal information for the operation purpose and can provide them to 3rd parties if necessary including but not limited to;
  1. If legal authority request
  2. For fan club’s operation and service
  3. Payment service
  4. if necessary for statistics or market research purpose, or to be provided to 3rd party in a form of not identifiable certain individual.
  5. with members’ consent 


Article 8. Members’ responsibility

  1. Members shall abide by the terms of service and any guides announced by fan club and shall not interfere artist or the fan club.
  2. Login credentials has to be kept in safe and the fan club is not responsible for any damage or loss from members losing their credentials
  3. Members cannot transfer nor offer for collateral their membership rights with any reason


Article 9 Prohibited Behaviors

  1. Members are prohibited to do the following behaviors and the fan club can disqualify their membership if members do the following behaviors including but not limited to;
  1. Members against Article 4.
  2. Membership share, transfer, name change, or allow 3rd party to use his or her membership rights.
  3. Any behavior interfere fan club operation and the company’s service operations.
  4. Fake name or false multiple signups
  5. Behaviors against any ticket rules
  6. Unauthorized copy or transfer any Intellectual Property or information obtained in the fan club
  7. Any behaviors that cause or possible to cause any harm to the artist, agency or any 3rd party of privacy, property, portrait rights or publishing rights
  8. Any behaviors considered defamation against artist, the agency or any 3rd party.
  9. Any acts or attempts of reselling rights, tickets, or merchandise acquired from fan club members’ benefits.
  10. Any request to meet the artist in person to the fan club or to the company
  11. Any commercial activities or plans by using the fan club to any individuals or 3rd party
  12. Anu political or religious campaign 
  13. Misconduct against any law, public regulations
  14. Any other behaviors that the fab club consider to be banned
  1. The fan club can disqualify any member who doesn’t follow article 9 and will not refund any membership fee paid in advance. 


Article 10 Suspension of Service 

  1. The fan club can suspend its service in the following situation and is not responsible for any messages or data loss due to the suspension. It includes but not limited to;
  1. System maintenance of service  
  2. Any black out of electric service 
  3. Any internet service impact the system and the fan club cannot offer the service as usual.
  4. Any other reasons that affect the fan club service.
  1. The fan club can suspend its service at any time by releasing notice to the members in advance when the fan club needs to do so to maintain service quality. The fan club is not responsible for any loss from this period and the dates, duration of the notice can be changed or exempt.


Article 11 Disclaimer

  1. The Company is not responsible in the event that the fan club is unable to provide its services due to natural disasters, instructions of the law, administration or supervisory authorities, accidents, diseases, force majeure etc.
  2. The Company is not responsible for the credibility and accuracy of the information, documents and facts we provide.
  3. The Company is not responsible for the possible different levels of satisfaction experienced by our members as a result of the different level of Internet connection through which our members access our services.
  4. As far as the booking rights of pre-sale for tickets are concerned, please be advised that there is no guarantee that an ideal seat will be secured, nor should one assume that this reservation will allow him/ her to secure a seat closer to the stage than those secured through other means. In addition, given that certain events only provide a limited number of tickets, please be advised that not all ticket applicants may receive a ticket.


Article 12 Dispute Resolution

Should issues have occurred such that they are unable to be resolved by terms described, the fan club and members involved shall try to resolve all such issues through sincere communication. In the event that such issues necessitate litigation, the Seoul District Court shall be the competent court for first trials.